American Jewish Committee – The Iranian Threat: AJC Analysis and Response – AJC is urging governments to make one principle non-negotiable in any dealings with Iran’s leaders: nuclear weapons will not be allowed. Not now. Not ever.

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No Nukes for Iran Program

I. Advocacy

a. Would you consider yourself an advocate?

b. Define Advocacy

i. Standing up and taking action for what you believe in

c. Different Forms of Advocacy

i. Political

1. Lobby- is the intention of influencing decisions made by legislators and officials in the government by individuals, other legislators, constituents, or advocacy groups. A lobbyist is a person who tries to influence legislation on behalf of a special interest or a member of a lobby. Also, governments often define and regulate organized group lobbying that has become influential.

2. Petition- is a written request to parliament for action; such as a need to change an existing law or to pass a new law- use them to cause political change.

-Pass out petitions (NN and DN)

ii. Social Advocacy

1. Fundraising-is the process of soliciting and gathering contributions as money or other resources, by requesting donations from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies, Fundraising is a significant way that non-profit organizations may obtain the money for their operations.

- No nukes sells buttons, magnets, and banners not only to spread the message of no nukes for Iran but also to fund our program.

d. Examples

i. Has anyone ever been an advocated for something?

ii. No Nukes for Iran – a good example!

1. Honeywell protest- Last year we learned that Honeywell, a company in our backyard that is doing business in Iran. We could not sit by and have a company doing business in Iran while right in our backyard. So in June of 2010 we held a protest on Honeywell’s property explaining to them that they must get out of Iran. We demonstrated our right to assemble and advocated for our cause. Although Honeywell still does business in Iran we continue our fight to get them to stop doing business in Iran.

Interactive Game

Game- If you agree stand on this side (point) if disagree stand on this side (point) and if have no opinion remained seated.


Ask 5-7 questions. After each question ask why they believe this.

1. Should we take strict military action against Iran?

2. Do we have the right to tell Iran that they can’t have nuclear weapons?

3. Should Israel take action against Iran’s nuclear capabilities?

4. Does the Muslim Brotherhood pose a threat to Israel, America, ME?

5. Are you concerned about Iran’s nuclear capability?

What No Nukes IS:

NO Nukes for Iran is the face of American youth standing up for human rights for all people from the threat of a nuclear Iran. We are lead by teenagers who seek accomplish this goal by standing united with the youth of Iran. Together we will eradicate the threat of a nuclear world by engaging diplomats, policy makers, the media and world leaders to hear the voice of the youth who loudly and united want- No Nukes for Iran.
Our group believes that a nuclear Iran poses an imminent threat for the United States and the World. We believe that by educating our peers, adults, and world leaders, we can successfully deter Iran from gaining nuclear capability. No Nukes for Iran has grown into a national youth movement with 100′s of banners hanging in synagogues, community centers and universities in 26 states.1000′s of No Nukes magnet and buttons have been distributed and countless programs have been lead educating people on this critical issue. We have organized live and online protests against a local company who continues to do business in Iran, we have meet with world leaders- like Ambassador Michael Oren and Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu-, addressed groups in the Jewish communities and Christian communities and enlisted the help of many elected officials.

What can you do:

1. Wear a button or put it on your back pack.

2. Get your school to hang a banner, start a club –


Be part of the “video petition” in which people send us videos from all over the world declaring their support for the Iranian people. These videos will then be uploaded to a special YouTube channel and displayed on the Iranium movie website as well. Once we have a significant number of videos we will be making a compilation of those films and showing it at the Hudson Institute Film Festival in Times Square along with Iranium at the end of the month. We are also working with partners who will have this video broad-casted via satellite into Iran.

PRINT OUT these statements!

What we did is we printed these in very big font on pieces of paper and had people chose what they wanted to say on camera.

“I support the Iranian People”

“I support the Iranian people in their fight for freedom”

“We support you in your fight for freedom”

“This is a message for the people of Iran- We stand behind you”

“To the people of Iran: I want you to succeed in your fight for freedom”

“This is a message for the people of Iran- be strong, Im behind you”

“To the people of Iran: we’re with you and we support you”

4. Show Iranium, the first documentary film on the threat of a nuclear Iran. Check out our website and our youtubes – and learn more about us .We stand up for human rights and freedom, we are enacting change through our programs, advocacy, but most importantly our voice.

NExt Show Iranium the Movie- It is a documentary about a nuclear Iran and the real issues, which face the world.

5. Conclusion!

1. Do you have a new perceptive of Iran?

2. Have any of your answers from our first “game” changed, if yes why?

3. Do you feel this is something you care more about and will want to advocate